A Note from Toni Kellar, Newsight Life Founder and Director


I believe every human being is creative, whole, resourceful, and worthy, and that every life matters.

My purpose, and vision, is to do what I can to enable people, and the systems in which they live, to flourish.

I love the definition of flourish. It means “a person, animal, or other living organism growing and developing in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as a result of a particularly favorable environment.

That sounds like divine alignment to me — a state in which every life is valued… a state that every life deserves to be in.

But here’s where we get tripped up.

Many people — and the systems in which they live — are not flourishing.

Sometimes it’s because of limiting beliefs that are held about the ability to flourish.

Sometimes it’s because of leadership — both how we lead ourselves and how we influence others.

And sometimes it’s simply because problems are observed in the same way time after time.

Here is where Newsight Life can help you learn to flourish.


I believe that your ability to design, and live, a flourishing life is already within you!


It just may be that the way has so far remained hidden or unobserved, or just plain stuck.

Learn To Flourish


In each of my programs and services — whether it’s a training workshop, personal coaching session, or group drumming program — I use holistic methods that incorporate somatic tools and practices.

What does that mean?

So often, we may decide in our minds that we want to make a change. And maybe we start to make those changes. But sometimes, those changes don’t stick. This may be because our bodies and our whole being — including our language, moods, and emotions — are not fully involved in making the change with us.

For example, we may hold moods that cloud the way we see possibilities. Or we may have emotions tucked away in our bodies somewhere that still show up in ways that don’t serve us. Or, we may use language that does not align with the new story we want to create — and that includes our self-talk. Most of the time, these things occur without us being aware of them!


Try This Somatic Exercise

Recall a moment when you were feeling “down.” Take a moment to shift your body into a posture of how it feels to be “down.”

Now, look up. Up above your head.

While in this position, breathe deeply, and maybe even smile a little!

Hold that position for a moment.

Then relax back to a comfortable position.

What happened? Do you feel differently from having done this simple action? What happened with your thoughts? Your emotions? Your mood and disposition? What all did you notice, and notice now?

Now, go back to looking up, and try to feel “depressed.”

Can you do it?


This is what embodiment is about.

We can think or talk all day about wanting to change our mood or habits or speech, but if our bodies are living in a different disposition, chances are, the changes we want will not happen, or if they do, they won’t last long.

That is because our state of being is not coherent.

This awareness — and the somatic practices that help create alignment in our being — are often the missing links we need to learn to flourish and establish successful and long-lasting transformation in our self-development.


This is the Newsight Life difference.