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Corporate and Leadership Development

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We facilitate powerful conversations and experiences that help you discover and shift into new ways of being, working, and living.


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“Wonderful experience. Probably the BEST session I’ve attended in the three years I’ve been coming to the conference. EXTRAORDINARY!”
– Participant, Women’s Leadership Conference, University of Cincinnati, OH
“Toni’s workshops are absolutely awesome!!”
– Micah Brownstein, Deputy Head of School & Dean of Students, Olney Friends School, OH


A Focus on Leadership Development and Corporate Training

If you’re looking for a coach, trainer, or presenter to help you or your organization get to the next level, you’ve found us!

Led by Director and Founder Toni Kellar, we provide leadership development and corporate training programs and services to help you create a new story. Our services can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs, and we can deliver our programs to corporations, large groups, small groups, or individuals. 


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