Personal Development & Wellness

You’re ready for a change.

You might not be sure about what or how yet.

But you feel restless. You know there’s something more for you out there… another story for you to be living, another way of feeling, of being.

There is, if you want it.

But you might not find it “out there.”

You will find it within you.

I facilitate experiences for personal transformation and learning — through coaching, playshops, retreats, and drum circles — helping you discover and shift into new ways of being, working, and living.

What if you could create a new story?

The answer is… you can!

Choose from one of the Personal Development and Wellness programs and services below.


Personal Development and Wellness Programs

Personal Life Transformation Coaching

In ontological coaching, I’m not here to fix something that is broken, or to be the expert about your life.

Rather, my belief is that you are already whole, resourceful, and creative — and the answers you are looking for are already within you!

It just may be that they have so far remained hidden or unobserved.

Are you ready to bring forth your desires and goals, a willingness to be open as a learner, and see things in new ways?

I am ready to facilitate the process to help you discover and shift into new ways of being, working, and living!

I offer personal coaching sessions in-person (Southeast Ohio), and through video conference or phone. I can work with clients from nearly anywhere in the world.

Leadership Coaching

“As a leader, committing to your own self development is one of the most important decisions you will make for your team.”
— Toni Kellar

I combine a wealth of experience, expertise in The Serving Leader Model®, and my training in ontological coaching to help you discover and develop your fullest potential for showing up in your area of influence and bringing people together to achieve a common vision.

We’ll get clear on what is meaningful to you, and explore new ways of observing yourself and your situations. This new sight is the key that allows you to see new possibilities, define new actions and practices, and ultimately achieve new outcomes.

As well, you’ll learn tools and practices of mindfulness and other means of self-leadership and resiliency that will help enable you stay rooted in your values, mission, and vision as you navigate today’s chaotic and distracting world. I like to think of this as leadership from the inside out.

A differentiator is using somatics and embodiment in the coaching process. These powerful and essential tools are often the missing link for creating long-lasting transformations!

My objective is to help you build the foundations upon which you, and your area of influences, will flourish.

Interpersonal Coaching

A breakdown in families and couples usually comes down to a breakdown in “the way or state of being connected,” or “the way in which people regard and behave toward each other.” This is what defines relationship.

The quality of our relationships is very much influenced by the quality of our communications — both what we share with others, like our words, body language, moods, and dispositions, as well as the thoughts and language that we keep inside of ourselves — our self-talk, and the things we don’t speak.

Coaching can help reveal the transparencies in a relationship — the repeating patterns and behaviors that no longer serve in the dynamic — including how we communicate. Only when these things become visible, and appreciated for why they were created in the first place, can you then take control of creating a new dynamic and live into the new story you desire.

Are you, your family, and/or your partner ready to create a new story?

My objective is to help you transform your relationship breakdowns into breakthroughs!

Playshops and Retreats

It’s time.

To be present. To be alive. To experience. To explore in curiosity and wonder. To dig deep. To discover. To heal. To readjust. To be inspired. To transform. To care for yourself. To care for your world.

To awaken gracefully. To awaken in a flash.

It’s time…. to take the time.

Personal Development and Wellness playshops and retreats are designed for experiential transformation. I use creative and somatic activities like drumming, movement, journaling, walking in nature, and zen-photography, as well as meditation, cognitive reflection, and group sharing, so you can listen and observe deeply, get clear on what’s meaningful, and gain new sights for the story you want to live into.

My mission is to help you discover and shift into new ways of being, working, and living!

You can include a Newsight Life program in your retreat, or you can come to one of ours.

Drumming and Coaching for Recovery

I’ve created a powerful group drumming program using evidence-based protocols and a unique combination of personal and ontological coaching, drumming, and cognitive reflection to specifically serve those in recovery programs.

In the Drumming for Recovery program, participants gain a new sense of community and connection, discover new awarenesses, and learn somatic tools and practices that empower them to create and sustain the positive changes they want to make in their lives all in a joyful and safe environment!

I’m a trained HealthRhythms®, Rhythm2Recovery®, and Beat the Odds® facilitator, as well as a certified Ontological Coach, and it is my passion to help serve in the healing of my local region’s opioid and addiction crisis. I’m currently providing ongoing programs at residential and outpatient treatment programs in Guernsey and Muskingum Counties.

PleaseContact Me if there is an opportunity to bring this valuable Personal Development and Wellness programs to your community.

Drumming and Coaching for Wellness

Study after studyhas demonstrated the wealth of wellness benefits from group drumming.

I am delighted to offer the highly acclaimedRoots To Rhythm®programs as part of Newsight Life’s Personal Development and Wellness services, for you and your group!

People have an innate desire and ability to express rhythm. Most people, once they’ve experienced a drum circle event, express great enjoyment and changes in their feeling of personal well-being along with their relationships with others in the group.

The difference is including powerful talking points and reflection in the drumming programs that help you pair your experience with insights for personal transformation.

I combine by professional training in HealthRhythms® and ontological coaching to provide a unique, powerful, and transformational experience in personal development and wellness.

Roots To Rhythm is a great component for internal and public wellness programs offered by social, youth, and health agencies, hospitals, and the workplace, as well as for retreats or private events.

“If your heart is beating, you can drum!”  Toni Kellar


I’m here to help empower your new story.


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